One hurdle is cleared with the letting of a property, but the subsequent management of a property needs consideration also. Our managed service relieves you from the otherwise unpredictable call on time operating a rental property but keeps you informed and in control of your asset.


Many landlords managing a property personally will be justifiably confident that their tenant will report issues that cause direct inconvenience. In contrast, awareness and reporting by a tenant of other important building related issues, that are causing no immediate inconvenience, would in many instances be unlikely to occur, and we venture that it is unrealistic to expect with confidence differently. Dealt with promptly, small but important maintenance requirements will be relatively minor in terms of cost. Undue delay can of course lead to an unnecessary escalation of costs. Our view is that it is to a landlord’s advantage that a property is inspected regularly during the course of a tenancy.


Mid term visits are an integral part of our managed service and a multi-point check of the property is made at each visit, designed with the primary aim of identifying repair requirements for both reasons of compliance and good order. Such visits provide also an opportunity to remain up to date with the status of tenant performance.


With known repair and maintenance requirements we are able to progress works with appropriate contractors, progressing smaller items without troubling you whilst for more significant cost items seeking your specific authorisation.


We are also on hand to respond to a range of urgent issues, such as an escape of water, loss of heating and hot water through to resolving issues with gaining entry to a property. Such problems of course do not only occur within normal business hours and we are pleased to remain contactable during evenings and across weekends to assist with high priority situations.


Alongside inspection, repairs and maintenance tasks we will take care of a range of financial tasks for you. Accounting accurately for rent collected, arranging payment to contractors, provision of monthly statements and annual summaries to assist you with completion of your self-assessment tax return.


Due to the additional consumer protection that is achieved we are pleased to have operated with the benefit of client money protection insurance since business inception and in similar vein to be scrutinised annually via external audit to confirm that our client accounting records and balances are spot on.


If you wish to rent your property but do not want the burden of the day to day operation of the property then we recommend our managed service for your consideration. Our service brochure provides more details and may be downloaded below.


If you think our services could be a good solution to your requirements why not request a free valuation, there is no obligation, and we would be delighted to be afforded the opportunity to learn more about your property and your requirements as well as providing our thoughts in terms of the rental valuation for you property.


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